Risk Analysis

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The big picture:

In the contemporary business world, almost everything involves a risk of some kind: customer habits change, new competitors appear, and factors outside your control could delay your project. However, formal risk analysis and risk management may assist to assess these risks and decide what actions to take to minimise disruptions to the business plans...

When to use it:

This model can be deployed at any level of the business. The technique forms the basis for risk management and crisis prevention hence, the emphasis could be placed on any factor perceived to be risk to the business. This may be beneficial to analyse various risks in order to understand the potential threats facing the business at inception or on a later stage...

How to Use the Tool:

Risk may be defined as 'the perceived extent of possible loss'. Different people will have different views of the impact of a particular risk – what may be a small risk for one person may destroy the livelihood of someone else. One way of putting figures to risk is...

Risk Outcomes By Choosing Risk Grade

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